Pelješac wine, gastro & history tour

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Pelješac wine, gastro & history tour

Pelješac is a peninsula in Dubrovnik area, most famous by Ston (our first stop on this tour) which is an old city surrounded with world‘s 2-nd longest city walls (after The Great Wall of China) and the oldest salt factory in Europe in which salt is produced in a way it was produced in history. In Ston you can try the best oysters and other shells in Croatia right at the place they‘re grown.

Pelješac is, as it is a very sunny peninsula with good climate, also very famous by it‘s vineyards, quality wines and olive oil. There are a lot of little places on Pelješac known for fishing and making good wine and olive oil and in which people still live hand in hand with true nature. On this tour you can visit the city of Ston, have a nice lunch, try homemade products, drive through Pelješac vineyards, and go to most famous wineries in this part of Dubrovnik area, try and buy some very nice wines and see the wine making process.

There are many great places on Pelješac to have lunch with good fish and meat menus, other sea food, all fresh and prepared in Mediterranean way.

This tour can be connected Mljet island tour. To get to Mljet we have to stop in Prapratno (a place on Pelješac peninsula with a very pretty sandy beach) and then go over by ferry. Mljet is known as „the green island“ where you can experience true nature. A big part of the island is a national park, and is most famous by it‘s two lakes, and a little island situated in one of them. The colours and nature on Mljet island are just amazing. You can arrange going to Mljet when booking the Pelješac tour.

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