Tours from Dubrovnik to most beautiful and stunning places in Montenegro

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Tours from Dubrovnik to Montenegro inland

Montenegro, a little country near Dubrovnik, is famous not only by it‘s beautiful coast, but also by it‘s breath taking inland.

This tour can be a day or 2 days tour through the most beautiful and stunning places in Montenegro.

During this tour you can visit Ostrog (a monastery in rock, near the city of Nikšić, historical place), city Cetinje (very old historical place, a little old town where you can stay for lunch) after that drive to Lovčen (national park famous by a mausoleum), then drive to Njeguši (a little village famous by it‘s homemade products which you can try and buy – honey, smoked ham, cheese, grappa…you can visit families who make this products.

Driving to all of these places you can see breath taking lakes, rivers, mountains and so on, all together making a very nice nature.

For a 2 days option, we visit, besides already mentioned places, Durmitor national park situated in most mountainous part of Montenegro, famous both in summer and winter time, resort with cottages, lakes and very nice natural beauties. This is a place where you spend the night and also visit river Tara (option for adventures types of persons – Tara river rafting).

We guarantee this trip will be unforgettable experience for you.

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