Korčula history & wine tour

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Korčula history & wine tour

Korčula is an island most famous as it is the home of Marco Polo, world famous historical figure. It is the 2-nd most populated island in Croatia, first populated in 12th century. It was a Greek colony called Korkyra and after that Roman colony Corcyra. As it is surrounded by city walls Korčula had a strategic position in history and today looks like a fort-town. With many historical and cultural monuments it‘s definitely a nice place to visit. As it is an island the best way to get to old city of Korčula is to drive to Orebić, which is on Pelješac peninsula and then go to Korčula with a boat. If you wish we can drive you to Korčula by car (with a ferry) so you can go around the island. You can arrange this when booking the tour (the price is different for this type of tour).

While driving to Orebić we stop at Ston which is an old city surrounded with world‘s 2-nd longest city walls (after The Great Wall of China) and the oldest salt factory in Europe in which salt is produced in a way it was produced in history. In Ston you can try the best oysters and other shells in Croatia right at the place they‘re grown.

While driving back from Korčula we can stop at 2-3 wineries (it‘s optional and depends on the time) as we are driving through vineyards, so you can try and buy some nice wines.

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